With the bass being the most popular gamefish in America, it’s no surprise that there is an abundance of lures out there that are specifically marketed towards snagging them. If you’re a beginner bash fisher or getting back out there after a long break, it can be hard to find the right bass fishing lure for you. With so many fishing lures out there, coming in every size, color, shape, and scent you can imagine, it can be overwhelming. So, where are you supposed to start?

We’re going to help you narrow down this massive selection by giving you our pick for the 8 bass fishing lures every angler should have in their tackle box. Each of the lures we’ve selected have been proven time and time again to be effective, as well as being high quality and affordable to buy.

The 8 Best Bass Fishing Lures

1. Soft Plastic Stick Bait

Soft plastic stick bait lures such as the Z-Man Zinkerz Lures and the YUM Dinger Classic Worm are the most popular artificial lure for every bass fisherman. The high quality, soft material mimics the feel of a real worm, and that’s truly all a bass needs to know to go ahead and eat one of these suckers. The deep ribs commonly found on a soft plastic lure not only allows you to fill it up with your favorite bass-catching scent, but also help the worms bob along in the current to attract the nearest predator. Plus, these types of lures are often weighted with salt impregnated in the body, making them sink faster.

2. Finesse Worm

Finesse worms such as the Zoom Bait Finesse Worm and the Strike King KVD Finesse Worms are also highly effective, and feature soft plastic much like the stick bait. Finesse fishing requires a light tackle and small-sized lures that are designed to coax finicky fish or small fish into biting. A finesse worm features one flat side that produces a pronounced glide on the fall, and is about 4 to 6 inches long. The silent finesse worm is ideal for bass fish that might be easily spooked by loud lures.

3. Jig

Now that we’ve covered the soft baits, it’s time to get into the ultra-effective jig bait such as the Yum Pumpkin Head Fishing Jig and the Radar Lures Original Jigs. Jigs are one of the best fishing lures for bass, with their different colours able to emulate a large variety of live bait. Jigs can generally slip smoothly through all types of weeds, with their flat bottoms allowing skirted jigs to both stand up on the bottom and skip exceptionally well. Jigs are extremely versatile, and will work just as effectively in a foot of water or several feet down into a pond or river.

4. Spinnerbait

Spinnerbaits such as the BOOYAH Pond Magic Small-Water Spinner-Bait and the Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Cover Spinnerbait are one of those lures that have been around for decades now. Slow rolling a spinnerbait is one of the best ways to catch a bass in times where bass are at a low visibility. The spinnerbait lure works in all weather conditions, during any time of year, and works fantastically well around flooded brush and laydowns. These baits not only have plenty of visibility due to their bright colors, but also their long, flashy tails. This allows bass to see them in limited visibility situations, with the blades producing lots of vibration so bass can hone in on the lure.

5. Lipless Crankbait

Lipless crankbaits such as the Berkley Warpig Lipless Crankbait and the Jackall TN Lipless Crankbaits are fantastic for covering shallow water quickly. The flat and solid body construction of the lipless crankbait allows for the longest casting distance, while the slim body shows tight vibration even at fast retrieve. Lipless crankbaits work best anytime bass are actively feeding and can work in any fishing conditions. The lifelike 3D eyes and scale patterns make these lures even more appealing.

6. Square Bill

Square Bills such as the Strike King Square Bill Crankbait and the Bill Lewis Echo Squarebill Crankbaits have been the fastest growing segment of the hard bait industry in the last 15 years. The square bill has gotten a reputation for being able to hook big bass, these lures are perfect for both shallow water and power fishing. The square bill design allows these lures to crawl over rocks effectively and deflects in a way that is particularly effective to big bass. These lures are generally designed with no internal rattles for a silent approach, while constantly wandering with erratic movement.

7. Frog

A frog lure such as the JackallTopwaterIobee Frog Lures and the LunkerhuntLunker Frog is one of the most effective big-fish baits there are. They’re totally weedless, so they are more than ideal in a lake with any kind of vegetation. At rest, the body of the frog lure drops down a little into the water, which perfectly replicates the action of a live frog or bullfrog. Frog lures are generally ultra-realistic, with super soft bodies and swimming legs, making them even more appealing to hungry bass.

8. Deep Diving Crank

Deep diving crank bait such as the  Livingston Lures Pro Series Dive Master 20 Crankbait and the Berkley Frittside Crankbaits are a staple for ledge fishing in the 15-18 foot range. The deep diving crankbait has a steel ball inside, making it an effective weapon in warmer water due to its ability to probe various depths. The crankbait allows you to cover a lot of water quickly, allowing you to find either suspended bass or bass close to the bottom.

Final Thoughts

Each one of these fishing lures have been proven incredibly effective for bass fishing, which has only proven by their positive reviews. Depending on where you’re fishing, bass catching isn’t exactly considered easy, especially in public waters. However, with the right lures, you can increase your chances of making a catch every time. If you’re not catching bass, it’s likely that you’re not using the right lures – which is why you should consider adding one of not all of these eight to your tackle box.