Here’s My Story

Roy Ericson

I’m Roy Ericson, a Michigan native, father, and a long-time fisherman.

This is my story.

I spent a lot of time on piers.

At one point, I left my rod on the edge of the dock (because it had been two hours of nothing happening), walked over to buy some fried dough from a stand, and heard my rod when it scraped off the dock and flew into the water.

That was my first mistake. I didn’t have an appreciate for fishing yet, but I knew I wanted to do it.

I liked the calm before the storm, the time to clear your head. My Uncle James came to town (Boston native), and knew that I’d taken a shining to the sport.

He offered to bring me out onto Lake Michigan, where I caught my first smallmouth bass.

When we went to visit him, I went deep sea fishing with him off the coast of Gloucester, and from that moment on, I wanted to conquer the world.

I’ve travelled to 37 states, and fished in most of them. I’ve spent thousands of hours doing what I love, and now I want to teach you how to get into the game. To find your passion in fishing, and get excited talking about spools and rod materials.

Here, you’re going to find everything that Uncle James taught me, everything I learned on my own, and the bits and bobs of invaluable information that are wedged between.

I’ve spent my life doing this, and now you can get off to the right start. A start that doesn’t include your fishing rod getting pulled into the lake.