Fishing is a great activity, but when the weather or water temperature changes, then usingthe proper gear is a must for any ice angler. Essential to your ice fishing suit, or ice armor, is an ice bib. Bibs for ice fishing are not the same as regular bibs. They need to be thicker and are made of different materials to suit the conditions.

What to Look for in a Good Ice Fishing Bib

Comfort and quality need to be at the forefront of choice when choosing an ice fishing bib. Some featuresshould be looked at before the purchase is made.

  • Warmth – Ice fishing is entertaining but cold. Ice fishing bibs need to be geared for warmth. Finding one that is lined to protect the wearer from wind and low temperatures means focusing on the lining. Look for cold-weather ratings. The insulated lining should be removable in case it becomes too hot or cleaning needs to be done. Keep in mind it’s not a replacement for an ice fishing jacket, and other ice fishing apparel is required to handle the cold weather.
  • Adjustable – Bibs are easier to wear if the straps/suspenders are adjustable. The ability to buckle, tighten or loosen as needed. It is also helpful if the waist can be adjusted as well. All these points of adjustment mean the angler can move without restriction.
  • Flotation – While a fishing bib isn’t going to be a life vest, flotation can certainly help if you somehow end up in the water. It can keep you up until you can get out or get help.
  • Comfort – Making sure the bibs are comfortable is important. They not only should keep you warm but padded if you slip. Their adjustability is going to make things comfortable as well.
  • Waterproof – This should be a priority feature. Rain, snow, sleet can all drench an angler. Having a waterproof bib means you stay dry and comfortable. There is no fun in being soaked while being out on the ice.
  • Visibility – Reflective tape is important for safety. High visibility means you can be seen and found if there is an emergency, which is why reflective material is needed on your ice fishing apparel.

9 Best Ice Fishing Bibs

Ice Fishing Bibs

As the temperature drops and the ice comes in, it’s time for anglers to get ready to go out on the ice. Choosing the best ice fishing bib is important to comfort and safety on the ice.

  1. Striker Ice Climate Bib –This is a high-quality ice fishing bib. It has floatation assist and the Thermadex 175g insulated liner is removable with a 10/10 warmth rating. The outer shell is both waterproof and breathable. Theleg cuffs are adjustable, and has an adjustable inseam, waist and suspenders. Should you fall in the water it drains if submerged. There is reflective tape on the front and the back. There are storm flaps as well on the front and feature a leg zipper. As a novel addition, there is a beverage holder in the thigh pocket.
  2. Striker Ice SI Hardwater Bib – This second set of Striker bibs shows the quality of the company. These keep you warm, dry and safe. They are durable and have 150g Thermadex insulation. They are waterproof, keep the wind out, are breathable and have some great comfort features. The Sureflote liner will keep you safe. There are lots of pockets, D-rings and a pullout beverage/bait holder to make fishing easy. The material is flexible and adjustable through the waist, boots and inseam. These bibs come with a warmth rating of 9/10.
  3. Simms Challenger Insulated Bib – This is a good bib that has Primaloft insulation that is breathable and waterproof to It seams are strong, and it has a front zipper flap. The suspenders are adjustable as are the hems. Lots of pocket space and reinforced knees and cuffs.
  4. Stormer Strykr Bibs – The Stormer bibs are professional-grade quality. They offer water-repelling protection while keeping anglers warm and comfortable. They have reinforced areas that are high use. The fleece-lined integrated hand warmers are a bonus. The waist, ankle cuffs and suspenders are adjustable for a perfect fit. 3M reflective graphics are helpful for safety as is the 5lbs of positive buoyancy.
  5. Grundens Weather Boss Insulate bibs – These bibs are for those warmer days out on the ice. They are made with 60g black insulation that is warm but not targeted for extremely cold days. Their breathability and great water repellent abilities will keep anglers warm and dry. They have reinforced seams and knee padding with a kneepad pocket, and they come with a 100% nylon hung internal lining.
  6. Hodgman H5 Storm Bib – These bibs will keep anglers dry no matter how bad the weather. They have a 3 layer of waterproof and windproof breathable fabric. The fully taped seams with adjustable legs, waist and suspenders help with fit. They are also compatible with the Core INS removable bib insulation. No matter how bad the weather gets, these bibs will keep any angler warm and dry.
  7. Simms PG-11241 Contender Insulated Bib – These bibs are great whether you are out on the ice or open water. They are 100% waterproof and breathable. Their warmth comes from the 60g Primaloft Gold insulation along with a double layer of Gore-Tex shell. The Simms has a cut-out hem to make them more durable and fleece-lined pockets for hand warmth along with a cargo pocket for gear is great.
  8. Striker ICE Women’s Prism Bibs – These bibs are not just men’s redesigned bibs. They were designed for women by women. They are warm, stylish and made of the same tough material that the men’s pants are. They have 210T interior lining, 150g Thermadex Insulation, reinforced knees and good reflective additions. The SureFloat technology is included for extra safety. The adjustable cuff and inseam help create the perfect fit. They are 9/10 rated for warmth.
  9. Striker ICE Youth Predator Bibs – These are consistent with the Striker men’s and women’s bibs. These include SureFloat technology for safety. They are waterproof, breathable and insulated with 100g Thermadex insulation for a 7/10 warmth rating. The additional padding in the back and on the knees offers added comfort.

Final Thoughts

Getting ready to head out on the ice in the winter means finding the right  ice fishing bibs should be a priority. Choosing a pair means any angler will be warm, comfy, dry and safe. There are some great options on the market so do your research and pick the ones that will make every fishingday enjoyable.