Best New and Noteworthy Ice Fishing Lures for 2023

Whether you are stocking up ice fishing gear or have an avid ice angler in the family whoyou want to buy for, there are lots of lure choices on the market. Take a look at some new ice fishing lure products that are available.

It is important to pay attention to the type of fish being targeted as well as where the fishing is being done. The rod, reel and line should all work together with the perfect lure to top it off. The goal in your ice fishing technique is to entice any nearby fish and then be able to get them in. Having the proper gear is important so they don’t escape with a pole or line break. Here’s our picks for the best ice fishing lures.

Finding the Top Ice Fishing Lures for the Best Fishing

Top Lures For The Best Fishing
  1. Lures with Gliding Action – Lures that look like they are swimming and move away from the ice hole are a good pick for most ice anglers. They move like live bait and entice the fish under the ice to get closer and take a bit, even though they’re artificial lure. They tend to look like they are darting back and forth if you snap them. Then, they fall in a gliding motion that looks like a minnow that is dying. They get the fish’s attention, so the hits happen quickly. A good example of these lures is the Rapala Jigging Rap or the Snap Rap jigging lure. Some great one’s glide with plastic wings so they seem to be doing a gliding swim. Berkley Snap Jig is one of those. The goal is to get the fish to strike at food and these will do that.
  2. Glow Baits Lures – These are great if the angling is being done in low light or water isn’t clear. There are different styles that you can choose from depending on your preference between paint and glo stick. The Egrets Baits are one type that will light up the water for the fish. These particular lures come in various colors that glow. All bright and all can be easily seen. Other lures appeal to certain fish and use internal glo-sticks. These need extra inserts for when they burn out. These glowing lures all give off a continuous light whether through glow sticks or rechargeable glow paint.
  3. Rattle Spoons – A rattle spoon is a great jigging spoon if you are on the hunt for bigger fish. They are noisier than most lures and that is what attracts any nearby fish. They combine sound and a gliding action and will catch fish consistently. Pros suggest that you should bring a variety of sizes since certain fish species react differently to the level of rattle. Rattle that is less obtrusive is good for fish that are slower. Straight, slab, flutter and high action are all good types of rattle spoons to look at. Make sure to choose a variety for your ice fishing tackle box.
  4. Flapping, Flickering Blades – These are lures that have what are called attractor blades. The blades move on the split ring and tap the spoon or the hook to make noise as well as glint. The noise that they produce is different from Rattle spoons. They shake and shimmer to attract the fish even in the deeper waters. If a fish can’t see it well it will be able to hear it. The Bladed Treble hook is a good purchase if you want this type of lure. It is solid and will be a good addition to your gear.
  5. Lipless Crankbaits – These are good lures for big fish. They have a horizontal minnow profile and a wiggle action along with vibrations. These are well-liked by many anglers who are out to target the big fish such as the walleye, lake trout or northern pike. The Jackall TN Lipless Crankbait along with the Livingston Lures Pro Series Pro Ripper Lipless Crankbaits are solid lures for a big catch. Note that because they target larger fish, the angler will need a rod that can take bigger hits. You need a sturdy blank and a long stick to make sure these big catches are not going to getaway.
  6. Ice Fishing Jigging Lures – Jigs are part of any fishing trip out on the water or on the ice. If you are looking for panfish, then choose different styles and hook orientations for that. If they have a 90° angle, are vertical or have a 45° angle they will all work.  Lead and tungsten jigs are common but getting away from lead is a good thing. Tungsten is the new way to go as it has a different profile and sound especially when banged on rocks or ice. It is denser and should be used in deeper waters. It’s also versatile and can meet most fishing challenges.
  7. Increase your Plastic – In a world of recycling, this advice may sound strange. But in reality, having a variety of finesse plastics works well in many different fishing situations. They can lure in big fish if the angler stocks his tackle box correctly. Some good plastics are tailed baits, minnows and ones that have multiple appendages. These will all work well for panfish. There are also open water smallmouth finesse plastics that work well for ice. Swimbaits that are 2.5”-4” set on a jig head can be used to attract almost any fish.

Final Thoughts

Typing fishing lures or ice fishing gear into a search engine or walking into a store to find them means you will be overwhelmed with the choices available. Fishing has become more than just dropping a hook into the water with a worm on it. There are categories and specifications that cover almost anything an angler could be looking for.

It’s best to do some research before you shop. Know what type of fish are being targeted, coordinate the lures to the rod, reel and line and understand where the fishing is going to take place. If everything is coordinated, then getting hits from the fish will be easily compared to just choosing random gear. Anglers don’t have to spend a lot on ice fishing lures but choosing the best in 2023 will make the fishing excursion more successful.