The Best Spinning Rod on the Market – Buying Guide for 2023

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Updated: November 23, 2022

St. Croix Premier Spinning Rods

Best Overall
two st croix rods

Material: SCII graphite blanks
Size: Available in different lengths
Reel Seat: Fuji DPS reel seat
Weight: 1.5lbs
Number of Pieces: Single-piece rod
Warranty: 5-year rod warranty

Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rods

Runner Up
Fenwicks Eagle Spinning Rods Review

Material: Graphite
Size: Available in different lengths
Model Number: EA56MH-MFS-2-P
Product Dimensions: 35 x 3 x 3 inches
Weight: 1.2 lbs
Warranty: 5-year Fenwicks warranty

Dobyns Rods Fury Series Spinning Rod

Best Alternative
Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR 702SF Spinning Rod Review

Material: High modulus graphite blank
Lure Weight: 1/8 – 1/2 oz
Reel Seat: Fuji
Shipping Weight: 4.8 ounces
Model Number: FR 702SF

Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod

Best for the Money
Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod Review

Material: Combination of fiberglass and graphite
Size: Multiple lengths available
Model Number: USSP702M
Warranty: 7-year warranty
Number of Pieces: 2
Weight: 6 – 15 lbs

Cadence CR7 Spinning Rod

Solid Alternative
Cadence CR7 Spinning Rod Review

Material: Graphite blanks, stainless steel guides
Size: Multiple lengths available
Reel Seat: Fuji reel seat
Weight: 1.76 ounces
Number of Pieces: 1
Warranty: 1-year warranty

Table of Contents
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    If you’re looking for the best spinning rod on the market for your money, you have come to the right place!

    There is a dazzling array of spinning rods available in stores that can help make your fishing expeditions memorable as well as fruitful. However, with countless options come countless questions.

    What fish can you catch on a spinner?

    How long should a spinning rod be?

    What’s the difference between a spinning rod and a casting rod?

    What is a spinning rod used for? And many more.

    With a massive range of fishing gear available today and so many queries regarding the subject, it is easy to find the process overwhelming.

    To help you get out of this intimidating state, we have conducted extensive research and carried out the necessary comparisons to help you find equipment that fulfills all your personal needs and requirements.

    Here is a guide to a list of our picks for the best spinning rod on the market to help you get started with the process:

    St Croix Premier Spinning Rods Review

    The St. Croix Premier Spinning Rods are manufacturing using the highest quality graphite. These rods are extremely lightweight at only 1.5 pounds.

    The Kigan aluminum-oxide guides do add some weight to the overall product, but their resilience and strength make up for it.

    The simple construction of these rods combined with the best features makes it our best overall choice from all the spinning rods available online. When it comes to spinning rods, along with durable and efficient guides, precise tuning is also extremely essential.

    These rods are not only pre-tuned at the factory, but they are also fully adjustable models. This provides customers with a product that is perfectly customized for their particular needs.

    St. Croix spinning rods are all handmade, and every detail is constructed with immense attention and care. Therefore, the balance offered by these rods is extraordinary.

    The rod’s high-quality cork handle is capable of withstanding heavy-duty, rough usage, and all weather conditions.

    Lastly, these rods are made with the help of the latest technologies and are ideal for every angler who is looking to make the most of their fishing adventure!

    Specifications of St. Croix Premier Spinning Rods

    • Material: SCII graphite blanks
    • Size: Available in different lengths
    • Reel Seat: Fuji DPS reel seat with
      frosted silver hoods
    • Weight: 1.5lbs
    • Number of Pieces: Single-piece rod
    • Warranty: Standard St. Croix 5-year rod

    Pros of St. Croix Premier Spinning Rods

    • Exceptional quality
    • Durable and comfortable handle
    • Available in several tensions
      and sizes
    • Pre-adjusted at the factory and
    • Gives exceptional value for the
    • Advanced aluminum-oxide guides
    • Extremely lightweight
    • Premium-grade cork handle that
      offers amazing grip

    Cons of St. Croix Premier Spinning Rods

    • Might be too sensitive for amateurs

    Extra Features of St. Croix Premier Spinning Rods

    • Premium-grade SCII graphite
    • Kigan Master Hand 3D Guides
    • High-quality cork handle

    RUNNER Up - Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rods

    Fenwicks Eagle Spinning Rods Review

    Fenwick understands every fishing enthusiast’s passion for the activity. The Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rods come with several extraordinary features that anglers can greatly benefit from.

    To start with, these rods come with a burled cork handle that gives the feel of a traditional cork but is way more durable and relatively chip-resistant. It sustains warmth in chilly weather and provides you with a more comfortable handling experience. Moreover, it spreads vibrations better.

    Whether you are right-handed or left, these spinning rods accommodate every angler with their interchangeable handles.

    They are also fairly lightweight and allow you to fish for longer hours without exhausting your fingers, wrists, and arms. Moreover, their classic and timeless olive-bronzed look gives them a rich and luxurious touch.

    The stainless steel guides of these rods come with chromium-plated SS304 inserts that reduce their overall weight. The stainless steel makes the rods long-lasting and durable, and the nice and balanced reel seat completes the package.

    Lastly, these rods have a very soft and sensitive top, allowing them to identify the smallest of movements.

    Specifications of Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rods

    • Material: Graphite
    • Size: Available in different lengths
    • Model Number:  EA56MH-MFS-2-P
    • Product Dimensions: 35 x 3 x 3 inches
    • Weight: 1.2 lbs
    • Warranty: 5-year Fenwicks warranty

    Pros of Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rods

    • Corrosion resistant
    • Rod blank sensitivity
    • Easy-to-use
    • Fairly lightweight
    • Olive-bronzed timeless and classic look
    • Stainless steel rods
    • Nice and balanced reel seat
    • Long-distance casting

    Cons of Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rods

    • Guides might cause problems
    • Heavy loads can cause tip

    Extra Features of Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rods

    • Chromium-plated SS304 inserts
    • Chip-resistant burled cork handle that spread vibrations better
    • Classical heritage look

    Alternative - Dobyns Rods Fury Series Spinning Rod

    Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR 702SF Spinning Rod Review

    Sensitive, strong, balanced, and light, the Dobyns Rods Fury Series Spinning Rods give you great value for your money!

    They come with all the essential and remarkable features that anglers demand. These features include high-density Hypalon butt, AA grade cork grip, Kevlar wrapping, Fuji reel seat, and high-modulus graphite blank. All these features allow anglers like you to perform well in the waters.

    The first thing you might notice is the comfortable grip of these rods. They give you longer as well as more accurate casts. The high modulus graphite blanks ensure maximum sensitivity as well as balanced performance.

    The premium Fuji reel seats that come with this product provide you with a secure and lightweight foundation for the reel.

    One small downside to this product is that its handle might be too small for some. However, the technique-specific performance that Dobyns Rods’ products deliver covers up for such drawbacks.

    The Fury Series is ideal for a range of finesse applications and provides you with a budget-friendly option to optimize your fishing game.

    Specifications of Dobyns Rods Fury Series Spinning Rod

    • Material: High modulus graphite blank
    • Lure Weight: 1/8 – 1/2 oz
    • Reel Seat: Fuji
    • Shipping Weight: 4.8 ounces
    • Model Number: FR 702SF

    Pros of Dobyns Rods Fury Series Spinning Rod

    • Maximum sensitivity
    • Reasonable pricing
    • High-quality guides
    • Lightweight
    • Secure foundation for reel
    • High-density, AA-grade cork
    • Technique-specific performance

    Cons of Dobyns Rods Fury Series Spinning Rod

    • The handle might be slightly
      short for some

    Extra Features of Dobyns Rods Fury Series Spinning Rod

    • High modulus graphite blanks
    • Guides secured with Kevlar
    • High-density Hypalon butts and
      cork grips

    Best for the Money - Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod

    Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod Review

    The new rod design of the Ugly Stik G X 2 Spinning Rod incorporates fiberglass and graphite together to give it a clean and classy matte black finish.

    The rod is light and easy to cast and prevents your arms, fingers, and wrist from getting exhausted after a long day of fishing.

    This spinning rod comes with a signature clear tip that delivers the perfect amount of sensitivity required to feel a light strike of the biggest of fish.

    One drawback to take into notice when it comes to 2-piece guides is that they tend to easily fall apart. Therefore, it might be best to purchase a single piece guide instead.

    The EVA grip of this rod offers maximum comfort and support to your hands without compromising the durability of the overall product.

    Now whether you are an experienced fisherman or a beginner angler, it’s difficult to go wrong with this easy-to-use rod. It helps you fulfill all your saltwater fishing needs, and that too, at a very reasonable price.

    Specifications of Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod

    • Material: Combination of fiberglass and
    • Size: Multiple lengths available
    • Model Number: USSP702M
    • Warranty: 7-year warranty
    • Number of Pieces: 2
    • Weight: 6 – 15 lbs
    • Lure Weight: 1/8 – 5/8 oz

    Pros of Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod

    • Reasonably priced
    • Durable and sturdy design
    • Lightweight
    • Eye-appealing matt black finish
    • Delivers sensitivity
    • Available in a lot of sizes
    • Comfortable EVA grip

    Cons of Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod

    • Two pieces sometimes tend to fall apart

    Extra Features of Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod

    • Ugly Tech & Ugly Tuff
    • Robust Ugly Stik clear tip
    • Fiberglass and graphite rod

    RUNNER UP - Cadence CR7 Spinning Rod

    Cadence CR7 Spinning Rod Review

    Last but not least, the Cadence CR7 Spinning Rod has taken its place on our list of the best spinning rod on the market. This rod is made of premium-quality components and is built to deliver superior performance.

    It features stainless steel guides with SiC inserts and is manufactured using 40-ton graphite. The premium-grade cork, EVA handles, and Fuji reel seat of this rod completes the entire package.

    The Fuji reel seat of this rod is wrapped in a carbon veil that greatly enhances its sturdiness and durability.

    This rod is popular for the sensitivity and strength it provides, and that too, at quite a reasonable cost. It comes in 2 handle configurations: full grip and carbon split grip. Both use EVA and premium cork.

    The Cadence CR7 rods are available in several lengths, actions, and configurations to accommodate your personal, unique preferences.

    While the drag of this product is claimed to be not very tight and secure, it does offer great value for the money.

    Plus, the remarkable customer service combined with the one-year warranty makes your purchasing experience easy and smooth.

    Specifications of Cadence CR7 Spinning Rod

    • Material: Graphite blanks, stainless
      steel guides
    • Size: Multiple lengths available
    • Reel Seat: Fuji reel seat
    • Product Dimensions: 61.2 x 2.4 x 2.4
    • Weight: 1.76 ounces
    • Shipping Weight: 2.6 pounds
    • Number of Pieces: 1
    • Warranty: 1-year warranty

    Pros of Cadence CR7 Spinning Rod

    • Premium-grade construction
    • Durable
    • Available in multiple configurations, actions, and lengths
    • High-quality design
    • High-performance
    • 1-year warranty
    • Reasonably priced

    Cons of Cadence CR7 Spinning Rod

    • Drag isn’t very tight

    Extra Features of Cadence CR7 Spinning Rod

    • 40-ton graphite and stainless steel guides with SiC inserts
    • EVA handles
    • Premium-grade cork grip
    • Two-handle configurations: full grip and carbon split grip
    • Fuji reel seat

    Buying Guide

    While there are unlimited varieties of spinning rods available online, fishing equipment doesn’t come cheap, and therefore it is essential to meticulously research and to consider all important factors before you finally settle on one.

    Here are some things to keep in mind to end up with the best spinning rod on the market:

    Things to Consider when Buying a Spinning Rod

    two st croix rods


    Two of the most common materials used in the manufacturing of rod handles are cork foam and EVA.

    While traditionalists might opt for the former over the latter, quality equipment is made using a combination of both. While cork offers high quality, EVA offers maximum stain-resistance.

    Line Guides

    The line guides of the spinning rods are aligned on the bottom of the blank in a gradually descending size. The line guide’s diameter keeps increasing as you move towards the reel.

    Similarly, if you move towards the tip of the rod, the line guide’s diameter reduces. The number of line guides required depends upon the length and the flexibility of the rod. Longer and more flexible spinning rods require higher number of quality line guides.

    Reel Seat

    It is important to have a quality reel seat that accepts several different reels for your spinning rod. Consider buying one that comes with cushioned hoods and provides a snug fit when you tighten it.

    Blank Material

    Nowadays, spinning rods are manufactured using graphite, fiberglass, or a combination of both. While graphite rods are lightweight, they do bring out flexibility and fighting power in spinning rods. On the other hand, fiberglass rods are robust and sturdy but aren’t very lightweight and convenient to handle.

    Carbon fiber is another good material that allows for high-performance fishing rod blanks. Carbon fiber has a high strength to weight ratio, and it bends when pressure or weight is applied. It can then quickly straighten out when the load is removed - also known as recovery.


    The longer your spinning rod is, the more suitable it is for catching fish in lakes and various other large water bodies. The shorter ones are more suitable for fishing in rivers, ponds, and other shallower water bodies.


    Spinning rods are generally classified into ultra-light, light, medium-heavy and heavy. Catching smaller fish requires rods with less power, and catching larger game fish necessitates medium-heavy or heavy spinning rods.


    When we say action, we are referring to the way a spinning rod bends when it has a load at its tip. You also have to look at where it bends and how quick the recovery is once the weight has been removed. These factors affect how a spinning rod casts. There are extra fast, fast, medium, and slow action rods.

    An extra-fast action rod is stiff and only bends slightly at the tip. They are extremely sensitive and can transmit even the smallest bite or strike. They also store a lot of power and can be cast long distances. They are most often used for jigging and trolling.

    Medium action rods bend in the top and in the middle of the rod. There is a fair amount of sensitivity in this kind of rod, and it hooks well, preventing treble hooks from coming out. These action rods are typically used for mid-weight crankbaits and lighter lures.

    Finally, slow action rods uniformly bend and are the most flexible of them all. They are an ultralight spinning rod that is ideal for ultralight fishing and small baitfish because they absorb the shock much better than the others. They are also ideal when you are fishing with live bait.


    Choosing the right spinning fishing rod also means going for high-performance and high-quality. When considering rods, make sure to check its construction and components. For the best rod blank material when you are looking for durability, then fiberglass is the best choice. When it comes to durability, graphite is also a contender; however, graphite can also prove to be very brittle.

    The quality of its components has a lot to do with the durability of the rod. There should be metal reinforcements on the reel lockdown, and it should fit tightly. Ceramic guides offer improved wear and are corrosion resistant.


    The grip is what determines the level of control and leverage you have with the rod. It should be comfortable to hold and should stay comfortable for the duration of your fishing trip. Finding a spinning rod with an ergonomically designed grip can help lessen hand fatigue.

    You should also keep in mind that the handle needs to be the appropriate length for your chosen fishing style. If you are fishing from a kayak, for example, it should have a shorter handle due to the limited range of motion. Larger and longer handles, however, offer more space for a better grip for longer casts or two-handed casting.

    Our Final Thoughts

    We hope you found something worth your while from the aforementioned options in our guide to the best spinning rod on the market.

    A spinning rod is an important investment for any fishing enthusiast.

    To ensure that the quality of the product you purchase matches your expectations, consult our buying guide to understand your needs and requirements so that you can make a final informed decision.

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    Spinning rod FAQ

    man holds spinning role

    Spinning rods are typically made from fiberglass or graphite with a PVC foam handle or a cork. They are widely used in fishing North American game fish.

    Those fish include walleye, pike, trout, and bass. Popular spinning targets in the European continent and UK are perch, pike, zander (walleye), and eel.

    The spinning rods that are longer and come with elongated grip handles are used for two-handed casting, and they are frequently employed for salmon, and steelhead or saltwater fishing.

    Moreover, spinning rods are widely used for still fishing and trolling with live bait.

    fishing with different rod types

    Spinning and casting rods are two completely different types of fishing rods.

    However, most of us still tend to get confused between the two. Here is a quick comparison of these two rods to help you understand each in a better manner:

    Spinning Rods

    Spinning rods come in different types and sizes. There are light, medium to heavy, and heavy spinning rods. When you fish using a spinning rod, it bends from the force of the bite of the fish.

    The line then gets pulled down, and while the eyelets point downward, it feeds out. The handle rests in your dominant hand, and the reel rests under the spinning rod.

    Spinning rods are manufactured using fiberglass, graphite, or a combination of both the materials. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Fiberglass rods are very sturdy and durable, but they are relatively less sensitive.

    On the other hand, graphite rods are extremely lightweight and sensitive, but they aren’t very robust. While you can certainly enjoy the best of both worlds with spinning rods that are made up of composite materials, they are quite expensive.

    The power, bending ability and length of the spinning rod are some factors to keep in mind while purchasing on. While long rods help you cast your line farter, the short ones show more accuracy.

    The more powerful the spinning rod, the more chances are of you catching bigger fish without breaking your equipment! Lastly, spinning rods are extremely straightforward and help you avoid any and all line tangles. They reel in fish at a faster pace, making them ideal for amateurs.

    Casting Rods

    Casting rods are practically the opposite of spinning rods. They bend with a bite fish while the eyelets face upwards.

    This can be a little overwhelming and confusing for amateurs, and also the technique can be more difficult to master. Therefore, professionals and advanced anglers are better off using them.

    Similar to spinning rods, casting rods are also manufactured using different materials and come in different sizes. The process of choosing a quality casting rod is similar to that of selecting a good spinning rod. The same aforementioned conditions apply.

    Additionally, the accuracy of a casting rod depends on its length. A longer rod allows you to cast farther, whereas a shorter one allows you to perform vertical fishing where accurate handling matters more.

    A fast action rod that bends at the top is more accurate. For slow and medium action rods, the opposite is true. Once again, the more powerful your casting rod, the bigger the fish you can catch.

    angler fishing in the sunrise

    Rod length is usually measured from the end of your rod handle to the end of its tip. This measurement can have a great impact on your casting abilities.

    Longer fishing rods cast longer distances and are best for providing more water coverage and deeper fishing experiences. On the other hand, rods that are shorter in length can only cast shorter distances but work great for situations in which close combat is required. Each length has a different purpose.

    Spinning rods tend to be between 1.5 and 2.6 meters (5 – 8.5 feet) in length.

    In order to select a measurement that is right for your personal needs, consider the species you’re planning to catch, the type of fishing you require, and the environment you’re going to fish in. Amateur anglers are usually happy with a rod length of about 7 feet.

    It allows beginners to enjoy accuracy and a balanced amount of casting distance as they fine-tune their expertise through experience.

    man with fish and spinning role

    Spinners and lures are extremely effective with a simple idea to imitate prey fish for zander and pike.

    While they don’t look anything like the prey fish, the predator fish still go for them for reasons unknown. Spinnerbaits are most effective in the autumn and summer months.

    Spinners are great for catching the following fish species:

    • Mackerel
    • Bass
    • Gurnard
    • Herring
    • Coalfish
    • Sea trout
    • Pollock
    • Garfish
    • Wrasse
    • Sandeel
    • Weever fish

    Once you have cleaned, dried and oiled your spinning rod, you need to properly store it, so it doesn’t become damaged. The best way to do this is by placing the spinning rod in a sleeve or cover. It can then be stored vertically or horizontally. Never lean it in a corner because this can bend the rod. A tube is also out of the question because humidity can build up inside of the storage tube and this excess moisture can ultimately damage your spinning rod.

    A telescoping fishing rod is designed to collapse down to a shorter length and open up to a long rod. So, if you are looking for more of a compact rod, then a telescopic spinning rod might be an option. One of the biggest drawbacks to a telescoping fishing rod, however, is the wear. You are continually opening and collapsing the rod every time it is used which can cause the components to begin to degrade over time.

    The Ugly Stik Elite is considered a thin rod offering medium action. It is built to be durable while allowing you to feel all the action at the same time. It also comes from a top brand well known for their high-quality products.

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