Your Complete Winter Fishing Guide – Tips and Tactics

Your Complete Winter Fishing Guide - Tips and Tactics 1

For those die-hards who want to fish 12 months of the year or those who love the winter months, winter fishing is a great activity. It’s an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and catch some big fish. Freshwater species tend to group up in the colder weather, so it offers good catch opportunities if you can find the right spots. If you are going to go on an ice fishing trip or if you can find an ice-free area to launch a boat, then there are a few tips and tactics to make the excursion successful. Do the prep work and research, and take good equipment and clothing so you can have an enjoyable winter fishing trip in the search for a big catch.

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Ice Fishing Tackle Box and Storage – How to Be Organized

Ice Fishing Tackle Box and Storage - How to Be Organized 2

There is nothing worse than getting ready to drop a line in the ice and then you can’t find half the things needed. Having a good organizing system for your ice fishing tackle box and storage helps make sure you don’t leave things back onshore or hidden in the depths of a random tackle box.
There are going to be variables that play into tackle organization for everyone. It depends on where the angler is fishing, the species being looked for, and the water environment. A well-organized tackle box and storage means that there will be everything needed within reach and finding it will be easy without having to drag every piece you own out on the ice.

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The ColdHard Facts About Winter Bass Fishing

The ColdHard Facts About Winter Bass Fishing_

Just because the temperature drops, that doesn’t mean the rods have to go away for the cold season. The wintertime bass aren’t leaving from the deeper water and will still be looking for food and biting. If you want to catch a trophy fish, then winter might be atop time to do that. However, there are some different approaches to take during the winter and going prepared is important if you are going to hook some bass year-round.

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How to Ice Fish: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go

How To Ice Fish Everything You Need To Know

If you are going to start enjoying the great activity of ice fishing,then make sure you are well prepared,so it is an enjoyable time out on the ice. It’s important to not only have the right equipment but the right information as well so an ice angler can stay safe and catch those bigger fish. Here are our ice fishing tips for staying safe at the ice hole.

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9 Best Ice Fishing Bibs in 2023 – Get Ready for the Winter

9 Best Ice Fishing Bibs in 2023 - Get Ready for the Winter 3

Fishing is a great activity, but when the weather or water temperature changes, then usingthe proper gear is a must for any ice angler. Essential to your ice fishing suit, or ice armor, is an ice bib. Bibs for ice fishing are not the same as regular bibs. They need to be thicker and are made of different materials to suit the conditions.

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5 Features of Fishing Tackle Backpack That Make Every Fisherman Love It

5 Features Of Fishing Tackle Backpack That Make Every Fisherman Love It

Tackle backpacks are one of the newest ways to carry your fishing essentials. If you’re starting to feel like your hard or soft tackle box doesn’t have enough space or carrying it has become a burden, a fishing tackle backpack is an ideal solution.
There are a lot of great options out there to choose from, but some anglers might be a little hesitant to give up their tackle box. If you’re not quite ready to dive in and need a little more information before you make up your mind, here are five great reasons why a fishing tackle backpack might be right for you.

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Best Fishing Knots For Braided Line To Swivel, Hook or Lure

Best Fishing Knots For Braided Line To Swivel, Hook Or Lure

If you’re used to using a mono fishing line, switching to braided can be a bit of an adjustment, especially when it comes to fishing knots for braided line. We’re going to show you five of the best fishing knots for braided line as well as some tips and tricks as to how to tie secure knots with this type of line.

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Choosing the Right Tuna Reels for You – Trolling, Spinning, Jigging & Popping

Choosing The Right Tuna Reels For You – Trolling, Spinning, Jigging & Popping

It’s not always necessary to invest in top-of-the-line fishing gear, but there are situations where you have to make sure you get something tough and built to last. Fishing for tuna is one case where you need to have the best equipment possible.
Tuna are strong, fast, and persistent. If you land a big one, be prepared to spend a long time reeling it in. Battling a tuna puts a lot of stress on your rod and reel, and you have to make sure your gear is up for the challenge.
It’s true that you get what you pay for. Some anglers might be tempted to get a sub-par tuna reel to save a bit of money, but, in the long run, this may end up costing you more money. Low-quality reels are more likely to break, which means they need to be replaced often. By the time you’ve bought two or three inexpensive reels, you probably spent more money than you would have if you just bought the right one in the first place.

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Fishing In The Rain: How To Catch Fish When The Clouds Open Up

Fishing In The Rain How To Catch Fish When The Clouds Open Up

For some fishermen, it takes a lot to get them off the water. Most people head for the indoors when the sky darkens and rain clouds move in, but fishing in the rain is an experience and challenge all its own.
If you’re the type of angler who doesn’t let a little rain stop them, you’re not alone. That said, fishing in the rain isn’t the same as fishing on a bright, sunny day, and there are some big things to keep in mind. One is how the wet weather might affect the fish. The other is how it might affect you.

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