Ice Fishing with a Flasher: How to Read an Ice Fishing Flasher

Ice Fishing With A Flasher: How To Read An Ice Fishing Flasher

An ice fishing flasher is one of many ice fishing electronics that can help you enjoy more successful time out at the ice hole. An experienced ice angler usually knows about an ice flasher and is more than happy to use a high-tech method that finds fish targets and best fishing spots for you to set up your ice hole. If you haven’t tried fishing with a fish flasher, this season might be the best time to give this ice fishing finder tool a try.

Ice fishing flashers are a type of fish finder that employs sonar to detect the depth of the water and fish and the activity of the fish as they react to your lure. There’s a bit of a learning curve for using a fish flasher, but once you get the hang of it, using one will be easy and will make your job as an ice angler a lot easier.

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Ice Fishing Tip Ups: How to Spread Out and Catch Trophies Fast

Ice Fishing Tip Ups

When you think of ice fishing, your first thought is probably tip up fishing – even if you’re not familiar with the term yet. Tip ups are generally used to catch larger prey, such as lake trout, larger walleye and pike, and consist of a base, an arm with a spool of line, a trigger bar and a spring-loaded arm with a flag.

The reason a tip up is so ideal for larger predators, is that it is used to suspend your bait to your desired depth, without actually having to hold a rod in your hand. This not only allows you to fish on multiple different lines at once, but makes those heftier fish easier to catch and lift.

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Ice Fishing Accessories – What Exactly Would You Need

Ice Fishing Accessories

Ice fishing is one of the most popular winter activities for those who are avid anglers. If you are going to try out ice fishing, then having the right ice fishingaccessories is important. The fishing rod, reel, clothing, shelter and essential ice fishing gear are all part of staying warm and safe as an ice angler.

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