8 Tips About Choosing A Wading Jacket You Can’t Afford To Miss

8 Tips About Choosing a Wading Jacket You Can’t Afford to Miss

Every fisherman should have a wading jacket, especially if you fly fish or fish from a boat. Have you ever gotten soaked after a fishing trip? Have you ever come home dripping from head to toe in water?

If you answered yes to these questions, you need to invest in a wading jacket. You need that extra protection from both water and the wind.

But you have to decide what wading jacket to buy. You have to figure out what qualities in a wading jacket are important for you.

We’re going to share our 8 tips about choosing a wading jacket you can’t afford to miss.

1. Fabric with Breathability

You need a wading jacket with a breathable fabric. You’re out all day long on a great fishing trip. It’s warm outside but you still need to wear a wading jacket to protect yourself from getting too wet.

It can even be cool out but you’re out so long, you’re sweating. Your body can’t breathe. Breathable fabric would have been nice on a day like that.

The type of fabric you need is covered in teeny tiny pores. These holes let water from the inside (like sweat) escape.

2. Waterproof Fabric

A fishing wading jacket will keep water out when you’re splashed. But after getting hit by a large wave, you need more protection than only a jacket.

Which is where the waterproof fabric comes in. The fabric should be both breathable and waterproof.

The same pores we mentioned earlier are so small that water can’t pass through to the inside. So, it protects you from getting wet.

GoreTex is the most common technology used on wading jackets and other clothing like waders as well.

3. Check for Windproof Fabric on a Wading Jacket

Some of the pricier wading jackets aren’t only waterproof but they’re also windproof.

Windy weather can make a regular jacket heavy and cold. And you don’t want to go home early when you’re having a relaxing time fishing.

Windproof fabric is weaved so tight so there are zero gaps in the threads. With no gaps, wind can’t get through.

4. Check for Plenty of Pockets on a Wading Jacket

4. Check For Plenty Of Pockets On A Wading Jacket

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Pockets, Pockets, pockets. Every fisherman needs lots of pockets. We carry so many items, including tackle.

We need a place to put the smaller gear so it’s easy to access. Otherwise, we have to dig through our tackle box or bag when we want to switch things up.

Most wading jackets have at least one larger pocket along with smaller pockets.

Make sure these pockets are waterproof as well or at least somewhat protected from water.

5. Check for a Hood on a Wading Jacket

Yes, hoods can be important too. And we highly recommend you looking for a wading jacket with a hood.

Weather can change in the blink of an eye. When it gets windy and rainy, a hood is your best friend. It’ll shield your head and your face from all this weather mess.

Bonus points if the hood has drawstrings. If the weather gets bad, you can tighten the drawstrings and have that added protection for your face.

6. Check for Sealed Cuffs on a Wading Jacket

Sealed cuffs are tight cuffs. Sealed cuffs protect you from water seeping under the cuffs.

It’s common to get your arms doused in water when you have to reach into a river. Sealed cuffs will make sure this water won’t get through.

The high-quality sealed cuffs are made from neoprene.

7. Check for an Insulated Liners in a Wading Jacket

You’re not going to find insulated liners in any wading jacket. And it’s not a must but sure comes in handy on those cold fishing trips.

With insulated liners, you don’t always have to layer up.

Some of these liners are also removable. So, if it’s warm out, you can remove it. You’re not going to sweat on the hot days from the extra padding.

8. Check the Construction of a Wading Jacket

Wading jackets need high-quality zippers and snaps. You want to make sure they’re not going to fall apart on you after a few uses.

Test the zippers and snaps out. They should also be waterproof and corrosion-proof so they’ll last a very long time.

Also double-check all the seams on the wading jacket. These seams need to be tight and double-stitched. Anything double-stitched is going to last longer.

Make sure there are no loose seams.

Our Favorite Wading Jacket

Compass360 HydroTek Hell’s Gate Wading Jacket

  • It has a full cut swing back design.
  • This wading jacket has HydroPore technology for a waterproof quality. It’s 1.5 micro-porous and breathable technology for your comfort.
  • The outside of the wading jacket is a high-density polyester. This material creates a wrinkle-free and super durable jacket.
  • The inside of the wading jacket has a micro-mesh liner.
  • There are adjustable neoprene sleeve openings. These cuffs have a hook and loop adjustment option.
  • It includes an adjustable hood that’s waterproof like the rest of the wading jacket.
  • The front zipper is waterproof with a five snap storm flap.
  • It has gusseted chest pockets and zippered tippet/lined pockets. There are four pockets in total.
  • The front pockets are high-water chest hand-warmer pockets. They have dual zippers.
  • It has an adjustable shock cord waist with locks.
  • There’s even an attached rod strap to make your life easier as you’re traveling through the wilderness.


Wading jackets are such an essential piece of gear for any fly fishing adventure. You might want to invest in it even if you don’t fly fish. You never know when you’re going to need the warmth and protection of one. These are our tips for finding a wading jacket. If you keep these in mind while shopping, you’ll be just fine.

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