Types Of Fishing Reels – Which One Is Right For You

Types of Fishing Reels – Which One is Right for You?

There are a lot of different types of fishing rods out there. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. To make sure you choose the best fishing reel for your rod, let’s take a look at everything you need to know to figure out which is the right one for you.

The Basics

When choosing a reel type, one of the things you have to do is make sure it’s compatible with your rod. If you don’t have a rod or haven’t decided on one yet, it’s a good idea to factor in what reels you can use with it before making your choice. If you already have a rod, make sure you verify what type of reel you need before you buy one. A lot of this decision depends on how experienced you are as an angler.

Types of Reels

There are three main types of fishing reels. To figure out which is the best for you, we’re going to take an in-depth look at each one, including their specific functions and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Spincast Reel

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Spincast reels have a closed face, which means that all of the important components are protected. The line comes out of a hole in the cover, and there’s a button on the back that you push when casting to release the line. They’re meant to be used with rods seven to eight feet long and are commonly found on fishing pole kits meant for children.

These reels are very easy to use, which is why they’re so popular with beginners. There’s less chance of the line twisting, and they’re the most affordable option. The biggest downside is that a spincast reel isn’t as accurate as the other types. It also isn’t able to cast nearly as far.

Spincast reels are specifically designed to make things as easy as possible and are meant for catching small fish. Because they’re specifically a beginner’s reel type, they’re aren’t designed to last very long.

Spinning Reel

Spinning reels are super popular and have an open-faced design that’s great for experienced anglers or beginners who are ready to take their equipment to the next level. They’re fast and can cast a lot farther than spincast reels. Because they have an open design, space isn’t limited so they can hold a lot more line, though they don’t work particularly well with heavy lines.

A spinning fishing reel has a fixed spool with a free-flowing line. It hangs below the rod, which gives it a nice balance. Spinning reels can take a while to get the hang of, but anyone with a little bit of casting experiences should be able to figure it out with a little bit of practice.

One of the best things about spinning reels is that they’re extremely versatile. You can use them in any body of water for just about everything, except fly fishing. They’re easy to maintain, and high-quality ones can last a lifetime.

Baitcasting Reel

A baitcaster reel is for anglers with a lot of experience. The advanced design takes a lot of skill and technique to use, but, once you get the hang of it, you can really step up your fishing game.

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The unique thing about a baitcasting reel is that the spool rotates as the line is released. When used by skilled fishermen, baitcasting reels are more accurate and can cast a lot farther than other types of reels. Plus, these reels are fast and powerful, which makes them ideal for catching larger, faster fish that are more likely to put up a fight.

This type of reel is the most expensive of the three, and, because of the way it moves when letting line out, it’s prone to tangles, particularly in the hands of an unskilled angler.

There are two types of baitcaster reels, low-profile and round. Both are overhead reels, which means they sit on the top of the rod rather than hanging underneath.

Low-profile baitcaster reels are extremely accurate and ideal for fishing in small bodies of water, like rivers and streams. They might look and feel small, but they’re highly efficient and powerful, perfect for bass or trout. That said, this type of reel is a little difficult to master. They’re popular with professional anglers competing in tournaments.

A round baitcaster is larger than a low-profile design and a little more versatile. Again, this type of fishing rod is a little tricky to master. Once you do, though, they’re perfect for fishing from the beach, rocky ocean shores, or boats whether you’re casting, jigging, or trolling. These reels can cast extremely far and are capable of reeling in a wide range of fish.

Which Reel is Right for You?

If you’re a total beginner and have never had your hands on a fishing rod or reel before, a spincasting reel is the best choice. These reels give you just what you need to learn the basics and make it a little easier, too, because they’re unlikely to result in tangled lines.

Once you get a little experience under your belt, a spinning reel is the next step. You get a lot more distance and better accuracy with a spinning reel so you can expand your horizons a bit. This type of fishing reel is a little more difficult to use than a spincasting reel, but it’s definitely something anyone with a little experience can learn. Most experienced anglers prefer a baitcasting reel. It’s compatible with heavier lines and can be used to catch fish that are stronger, faster, and more difficult to catch. Using this kind of reel takes some practice, but once you figure it out, you’ll see why it’s the top choice of people who have been fishing for a long time.

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